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2901 Chatham Rd, Springfield, IL 62704
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James Home Kitchen in Springfield, IL

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James Home Kitchen is Springfield's newest restaurant. Our Christian owned and operated restaurant features family dining in our newly renovated facility. Offering a wide menu selection from Texas BBQ to Asian Fusion, you'll be sure to find something on the menu you'll love. At James Home Kitchen, our menu is so diverse with family recipes and sauces that have been handed down through the years. From lunch to dinner, every meal we make is made from scratch, with the freshest ingredients and sauces that are unique and explosive in flavor. From casual dining in to special events and private parties, our team at James Home Kitchen is happy to accommodate you and make your dining experience one of a kind.
James Wang & Family
Grilled Ribeye Steak — Family Restaurant in Springfield, IL
Our local, family owned and operated restaurant has free WiFi available and is a video game free zone. Whether you're dining in or out, you can be sure that you will enjoy James Home Kitchen and it'll be one your hometown favorites. Our Christian owned restaurant goes above and beyond to provide quality customer experience and the best BBQ and Asian cuisine in town.

Giving Back

At James Home Kitchen, we are not only dedicated to serving up tasty food, but also to giving back to our community. We have a real, genuine passion for supporting numerous charities and organizations in our community. Not just donating money, but also donating our time to ensuring that our community does not go without. James Home Kitchen is a firm believer in giving back to the community we work in to ensure that it is thriving. We love food, it's we do, but even more, we love people and ensuring that no one is left without. We love supporting and providing resources to our community because it's what we're passionate about.
For questions, inquiries or to reserve our private rooms, call us at (217) 679-2006.
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